September 4, 2017

THREE world class magicians come together on Wednesday, September 27 as part of Guildford Fringe End of Summer Season to present Magic Secrets: Beneath the Surface of Magic, in the Back Room of The Star Inn.

An incredibly rare and unique opportunity, be amazed as these magicians perform and then reveal the real secrets behind their work…

Taking to the stage is sleight of hand genius Ben Earl, impossible to define surrealist Kieron Lefever and Danny Buckler – who has been described as Robin Williams with a deck of cards!

Ben has been studying, creating and performing for almost twenty years and is one of the leading thinkers and technicians in his field, exploring how magic, conjuring and legerdemain employ entirely rational mechanisms to create an abstract moment: the experience of something impossible.  The ‘trick’ is just the tip of the iceberg; a Trojan Horse for deceptive techniques which warp your perception of reality.

To describe Kieron Lefever’s magic is no easy task – it’s like nothing you have ever seen before, and you won’t see anything like it again.  Whether he’s producing gifts from a flash of fire, finding your signed playing card inside a solid block of ice, or even hammering a solid 6” nail up his nose – Kieron always makes an impression.

Danny Buckler has a unique style, combining comedy improvisation, storytelling and sleight of hand: an impressive fusion of talents that has taken him around the world and resulted in his own Channel Four comedy special, Danny Does Tricks.

For a fascinating insight into the workings of the mind of a magician, this thrilling evening of magic, tricks and illusions is simply unmissable.

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