An interview with Griffin & Jones about their horror play in Guildford

January 26, 2019

FAMOUS for their fast banter, tight chemistry and contagious energy, GRIFFIN AND JONES return to Guildford this February, ready to thrill you with the true horror play, Father of Lies by Sweet Productions. 

We caught up with this superb double-act to ask them what we can expect…

Steve Griffin and Nathan Jones have been performing together for eight years: an award-winning collaboration that was born in Guildford.

“We met as part of the amateur dramatics theatre scene through Pranksters Theatre Company in Guildford, and then went on to form our own theatre company which focussed on site specific productions before we turned our attention to creating the magic and comedy shows.  Recently we’ve moved back into theatre, and specifically horror theatre, which is why we’re bringing you Father of Lies!”

Much like Guildford Fringe Theatre Company, the duo are incredibly passionate about Fringe Theatre and the opportunities it creates.

“Fringe theatre is a very accessible form of theatre – both for audiences and performers.  It gives everyone the chance to do and see things that a lot of people wouldn’t necessarily have the budget to stage or offer at accessible ticket prices.

“It’s a great chance to take smaller shows to audiences who will appreciate it – without asking them to fork out on a West End ticket – and still enjoy a great live performance experience.  People often take a punt on Fringe theatre because it is affordable, and you might discover a love for a genre that maybe you didn’t think was your kind of thing before you experienced it.”

This February, Griffin and Jones are bringing the two-hander play Father of Liesto The Back Room of The Star Inn.  Known best in Guildford for their magic shows and comedy, what attracted them to this project?

“Father of Lies has come out of our mutual love for horror; it’s something we’re both a fascinated with.  A few years ago we decided to combine our love of all things magical and theatre in our séance show, Talking to the Dead, and then last summer we were given a script for Father of Liesand we instantly fell in love with it; it’s a wonderful piece of storytelling and horror.

“It’s a re-telling of a bizarre true crime story from Germany in the 1970s and it’s a creepy, unnerving tale.  Throughout the show we present a lot of the facts and evidence as we recreate the story.  It’s very engaging; it’s just the two of us on stage so it’s very intimate and very Fringe. And there’s a genuine mystery about the story as well, as no one to date has actually been able to solve this crime.”

Since then Griffin and Jones have performed the play at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and the Brighton Horror Festival, to great critical acclaim.  Now they’re bringing the play back to the town where they originally started doing theatre.

“We’ve had a great audience feedback from the show and now we’re super excited to bring it Guildford: we know the town, it’s where we started, we’re really fond of the show and we really enjoy working with Guildford Fringe.”

For audiences who have enjoyed previous Griffin and Jones performances as part of Guildford Fringe Festival, will they see any similarities to their trademark performance style in this thriller?

“Absolutely, it bears some similarities to our séance show which we have brought to Guildford a times.  And with the magic show, people often comment on how tight the chemistry is between us and we still have that performance dynamic: we’re very in tune with each other but instead of using it to make the audience laugh, in this play we use it to interact with the audience to grip them and immerse them in our story.

“It’s always great to work together and we’ve loved the magic and the cabaret, but it’s lovely to be able to do a bit of serious, straight acting together – and hopefully freak some people out at the same time!”


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