Shining a spotlight on Gilroy’s Deli and Store

February 18, 2021

As we are a bit (a massive understatement) quiet at the moment we are going to shine a spotlight on some local businesses who are pushing through and doing some pretty cool stuff right now.

One company who popped up on the Guildford scene over the last few months is Gilroy’s Deli and Store.

In their words “We offer the finest foods alongside our own creative dishes to make sure you can eat well, every day. We are here to deliver a little ray of foodie sunshine into your home.”

In my words: “We have drained the internet dry of local takeaway options over the past year, trying to bring some excitement into our lives with different foods. I am sure you have been doing the same. I’d describe Gilroy’s as the poshest takeaway I have ever had!”

Their braised beef and chorizo cassoulet with cannelloni and kidney beans, red pepper and basil and their Scallop, salmon, cod and prawn fish pie with caved aged Cheddar mash and dill toasted breadcrumbs are incredible! These are the two dishes we have tried so far.

The food is delivered to your door, in a fully Covid secure manor (unlike some local takeaways I might add!) and left on your doorstep. It packaged and delivered frozen so you can either pop it straight in the oven for your evenings dinner or keep it for another day.

Charlotte LOVES her seafood and she was blown away by the amount inside the pie. The prawns and scallops were large and meaty and salmon and cod tasted so fresh. We are pie fans (I ate all the pies!) and this one was delicious.

For me the winner of the two dishes was the cassoulet. I felt posh just saying that word out loud, ‘cassoulet’! The beef was flaky and tender and the chorizo added a lovely strong flavour to the dish. Juicy, fresh and yummy.

These are the kind of dishes you would expect to order in a high-end restaurant. The difference with Gilroy’s is that you can have them at your own dining table, without paying £25 + for a bottle of wine to go with it!

In these strange times let’s look after the local businesses where we can. Both these dishes were £20 each and if you aren’t as greedy as me, they would easily serve 3-4 people so it’s not only wonderful food but also blooming good value too.

Check out their full menu on their website and when you are ordering please give Guildford Fringe a mention.


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