Talent for hire

July 2, 2019

Why temporarily hiring professional actors for your business makes perfect sense

You know us of course for our theatre productions, fabulous comedy nights, professional shows and the organisation of events of all shapes and sizes.

But, of all the strings to The Fringe bow, there’s one that you might not be aware of and it is in fact the fastest growing part of our service!

When they aren’t appearing on stage, performers make great staff and here at The Fringe we are blessed with a pool of talented individuals just waiting to help your business in ways that you may not have even considered.

Just think about it, our team can learn their lines quickly, take direction without hesitation, improvise where necessary and have no fear of rejection (we are actors after all!), we can dress the part and look great in front of a camera or on film.

Here are just a few of the ‘roles’ that we can fill

  • Exhibitions and roadshows– We supply staff that will immerse themselves in your business, act with confidence and know exactly when to discretely prepare the stage for the real experts.
  • Corporate Video and photoshoots– Smile for the camera? Yes, I think we can manage that.
  • Telesales– We can learn a script quickly, think on our feet and not be affected by rejection.
  • Promotions– Great looking, engaging, no performance anxieties and killer smiles.
  • Front of House and Greeters– Create the perfect welcome to your offices or corporate event

Actors work hard, arrive early and are always well prepared, they are adaptable, friendly and certainly not shy, in short the perfect temporary representative for your business.

Please get in touch with Nick or Charlotte in the office for a chat about how The Fringe can help your business on 01483 361101 or email on info@GuildfordFringe.com

We provide staff anywhere in the UK.

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