The Play

September 4, 2017

ON TUESDAY, September 26 TheForgottenMoose Theatre Company present The Play in the Back Room of The Star Inn as part of Guildford Fringe End of Summer Season.

It’s been a year with Sam sleeping on Lewis’ sofa.  He has lost everything: his home, his job and even his fiancé.  Until one day a freak opportunity presents itself – a competition on the side of a cereal box: “For a chance to have your play pitched to West End producers answer the question below!”

This could be the start of everything.  This could be life-changing.  If only they knew what to write!

This brand new piece of theatre is written, directed and performed by Sam Stay and Lewis Chance.

Lewis trained at Italia Conti while Sam trained at Guildford’s Performance Preparation Academy.  Friends for nine years, they decided to become YouTube famous – and failed at becoming YouTube famous – so continued to be actors and co-founded TheForgottenMoose Theatre Company.

Sam explains: “I started writing The Play over a year ago, which developed from the concept of grieving over the loss of a loved one, and how that can affect a person’s life and change the course of their journey – and then crafting a story around that theme. 

“Lewis and I have known each other for years and the chemistry we have allows us to be very in tune with each other, like all good relationships, and we’re constantly throwing around ideas.  We’ve been performing together for a long time, crafting and making things from our early days doing sketches on YouTube.

“We performed in Guildford last year in collaboration with Guildford Fringe, so the opportunity to come back with our own show this year was a no-brainier for us!  Guildford has become one of our favourite places to showcase what we have.”

Both endearing and comical, The Play is filled with humour, heart and downright silliness.

Tickets for all events in Guildford Fringe’s End of Summer Season are on sale now!  To secure your place, please call 0333 666 3366 or BOOK HERE

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