Top 5 reasons you need to go to a panto in Godalming

October 11, 2021

We’ve all missed out on the magic of pantomime for the last year and a bit, and we feel you might need a bit of reminding why they’re so fantastic. With the season for all things jolly and a lot of fun right around the corner, there are plenty of reasons you simply must come to watch our Cinderella panto in Godalming. It is embedded in British culture and bring theatres to life around Christmas time in the UK. We see people from all walks of life coming together to enjoy the laughter and flamboyance of pantomime. 

You can be sat amongst the tiniest of babies, enjoying their first show as well as the OAPs enjoying their discounted concession tickets… Anyone can enjoy the theatre as our shows are so diverse, unique and have something for everyone. If you’re looking for a way to kick off the end of the year, get the family together and enjoy. 

This Christmas we’ve got the most amazing displays of colourful costumes, songs, dance and Fairy Godmother’s galore! But if you’re still not convinced, we’ve put together this list of reasons why you should definitely come to our panto in Godalming.

What is pantomime?

If you’ve never been to a show before, you’re probably wondering what we are even going on about. But there is no mistaking the bright and eccentric-looking posters plastered over the British towns. From around September, they will be hard to miss and you’ll see all of your favourite fairytales and traditional stories on display. That’s what panto is all about. Turning our well-loved fairy tales and family stories into exciting, over the top theatre productions. 

The shows are full of wacky and amazing costumes, singing, comedy and audience participation. A big part of panto is getting everyone involved. You play your own part – just one you don’t need to rehearse for! You’ll enjoy an almost upside down and back to front re-telling of some of your favourite stories. It’s essentially a musical version of something you know and love. But also like nothing you’ve ever seen before… 

It’s for everyone to enjoy

You might think that shows of this kind are meant for kids. Well yes, they are… to an extent. While the colours, music, performing and story is aimed at children, it is not uncommon for adults to find quite a lot to enjoy themselves. Cinderella is one that everyone is familiar with, and I’m sure we all know who to “Boo!” at. But the world of panto in Godalming (or anywhere else for that matter) is unexpected. The perfect joke is one that makes the kids laugh but keeps the adults laughing for longer. You’ll probably pick up on some very subtle adult themes thrown in every now and then. 

But like we said, the storylines are ones that kids love and can follow easily. Nothing is too complicated so it makes for an easy watch and a really enjoyable experience. Also, because it’s such an old tradition in Britain, there are people that have been enjoying this type of theatre for decades. We often see the same people returning year after year to appreciate the quirky stories. 

Not only that, our panto in Godalming offers a relaxed show one evening. This year for Cinderella, it falls on Sunday 19th December at 6 pm. This performance is adapted to allow people to enjoy it who may not cope with the usually loud and busy atmosphere. We keep the auditorium lights on, turn down the volume and allow you to come and go as you please. So really, anyone can enjoy the show.

He’s behind you!

Audience participation is a unique and prominent feature of pantomime. It’s all part of the experience to get involved with the characters and give them a helping hand once in a while. If you’re looking for an interactive, laid back theatre experience that’s just a bit of fun. Come to a panto in Godalming for the whole experience. We’ll get you booing and hissing left right and centre at our notorious bad guys. 

But it’s not just about shouting out. A big reason why people love it is that it makes you feel like part of the show. We know you came to watch the professionals at work, but what’s better than feeling like a cast member yourself? It excites everyone and gets you all looking out for our funny secrets and easter eggs amongst the story. So keep an eye out for those pesky witches!

Musical madness

It will come as no surprise that the cast at Godalming Pantomime loves a good sing-song and a dance. The best thing about it is, we get to combine the classics of musical theatre and fairytale magic with novelty numbers and humorous musical skits. This allows performers to tell the story in a new and original way while incorporating all of the other amazing aspects of a panto in Godalming. 

The audience always gets a few opportunities to sing along too so it’s just another part of audience participation that gets people going. While you might not be familiar with all our songs, we have no problem taking a few minutes out of the regularly scheduled programming (still in character of course) to get you joining in the chorus. That’s the best bit after all!

Happily ever after

As is always the case with our family favourites, pantomimes finish with a happily ever after. (We don’t want to spoil it too much, but we’re sure you are familiar with the Cinderella story!) But we want everyone to have a laugh, joke and have a fun time when they come to see our shows, so it is important to go out on a bang. You’ll leave with sore cheeks from smiling and hopefully, a newfound love for theatre.

While there will no doubt be some hair raising moments; you can normally guarantee that your favourite character will be ok in the end. As well as that, you might be surprised to find some unexpected heroes or heroines in a few performances! So make sure you keep your eye out for some plot twists and new additions to the fairy tale you thought you knew! Who knows, perhaps one of the Ugly Step Sisters will be running off into the sunset with Prince Charming this time around!

Book your next panto in Godalming!

We hope we have convinced you as to why pantomimes are such an amazing British tradition. It’s a part of theatre and performing arts that you won’t find anywhere else because each performance is unique. Different casts, audiences and stories make for the most unexpected and enjoyable experience every time. Even if you go to the same panto a few years in a row – you’ll take away something new each time.

So whether you’re a seasoned expert or first-timer, we’d love to have you at one of our brilliant shows. They run at Christmas time and tickets sell fast, so gather your friends and family and prepare for a night of enjoyment. This year, Cinderella is running from December 11th to December 26th. It is coming round quickly so get in there soon! You can book tickets, contact us or find out more on our website. Your carriage awaits…

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