We chat with Daniel Page (Ciabatta Myflange in Pinocchio Gets Wood!)

September 1, 2020

Daniel Page, who plays Dame Ciabatta, has an extensive list of West End and touring credits and he is much-loved as ‘Exeter’s Favourite Panto Dame’. He filled us in on his latest role.

Tell us a bit about your character in this show:

“She is the naughty Dame Ciabatta Myflange, mother to Juliet and owner of the adult fun emporium, who creates a delightful toy for her daughter…”

What are you most looking forward to?

“Being a bit rude where you normally can’t.”

How will the digital delivery of the show affect your preparation and performance?

“It’s certainly something new. We really will have to play on the fact there could be millions watching but there will be nobody there for reactions. I’m going to have to play on that, and those subtle naughty looks to camera…”

Is this the first time you have experienced adult panto?

“It’s actually my first although I do family panto every Christmas and am always trying to see how far I can go. Innuendos and that “Carry On” spirit is always abound – I love how the adults can be rolling in the aisles and the kids have no idea!”

Do you have any connections with Guildford?

“I did my first drag cabaret in the then Bar Des Arts in Guildford a number of years back.”

When you’re not on stage, what do you most enjoy and how have recent months been for you?

“Sleeping – I love, love, love my bed!

“I have been able to keep busy, I’ve been working night shifts in a supermarket doing online orders. The mortgage won’t pay for itself, so I’m desperate to be back in a black box with no natural light and being creative.”

Pinocchio Gets Wood runs from 10-12 September ONLINE!



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