We chat with Tamsin Lynes (Pinocchio in Pinocchio Gets Wood!)

September 10, 2020

Having recently performed in two Zoom Shakespeare plays, ‘Much Ado’ and ‘As You Like It’, Tamsin Lynes is looking forward to performing a very different type of show and playing, amongst other roles, the title character of Pinocchio.

Tell us a bit about your character in this show:

“For such a rude show, Pinocchio is actually the most innocent person there – he wants to learn everything about the world and doesn’t understand why his willy keeps growing at random times!”

What are you most looking forward to?

“Being in a room, performing with ACTUAL LIVE HUMAN BEINGS!!! I’ve done a lot of Zoom theatre over lockdown which has been great, but there’s nothing like the joy of responding and listening to your fellow performers in a live performance space.”

How will the digital delivery of the show affect your preparation and performance?

“I’m very curious about this! I expect it’s something we will explore a lot in rehearsals, but I’m imagining I might need to take a more minimalised, film acting style approach in some parts – but then with it being a panto, who knows… watch this space!”

Is this the first time you have experienced adult panto?

“I’ve never seen or performed in an adult panto, so it’s all new to me which is really exciting!”

When you’re not on stage, what do you most enjoy and how have recent months been for you?

“I’ve recently become obsessed with baking sourdough recipes from bread to cookies and pancakes etc… plus I love running (mainly to work off all the food I cook!)

“It’s been tough recently, I think as an actor you really crave human contact, especially in a creative setting. But having Pinocchio to look forward to has really helped. So has my dog!”

Pinocchio Gets Wood runs from 10-12 September ONLINE!


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